Healing Works Foundation’s mission is to make whole person, integrative care regular and routine. Led by Dr. Wayne Jonas, HWF partners with a diverse group of wellbeing innovators. It creates platforms, processes, programs, tools and services to support and magnify insights and innovations in healing and whole person care principally in primary care and oncology.

Because we cannot have well patients without well clinicians, Healing Works Foundation includes a focus on clinician wellbeing. Now more than ever physician, nurse and clinician burnout are spreading like wildfire, consuming the health care industry and access to good health for the nation. Health care burnout destroys everyone’s access to health and wellbeing.

Our unique lens is to demonstrate the power of meaning and purpose (what matters); facilitate provider and patient wellbeing; and bring this knowledge into routine health care delivery.


Dr. Wayne Jonas


President and Founder

Dr. Jonas is a practicing family physician, an expert in integrative health and health care delivery, and a widely published scientific investigator.

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Doug Cavarocchi

Executive Director

Doug Cavarocchi serves as the executive director of the Healing Works Foundation managing the overall operations, administration, program management and strategic planning of the organization.

Jennifer Dorr, MS, PMP

Director of Programs and Services

Jennifer Dorr serves as the director of programs and services for Healing Works Foundation. She manages the Foundation’s communications, program development and clinical implementation programs.

Lexie Robinson

Director of Operations

Lexie Robinson is director of operations at Healing Works Foundation overseeing business operations, events, research, relationship and funder management, as well as providing health coaching and outreach for Dr. Jonas’ patients.


Measurement in Whole Person Health Care


Guide to Developing an Integrative Health Model

A Guide to Integrating Non-Traditional Providers

Providers need the evidence behind the most commonly used CAM and self-care approaches. Dr. Jonas shows when and how to refer to outside practitioners.

Media Kit

Media Kit 2022

Download Dr. Wayne Jonas’ media kit including press clips, research and bio