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The Caregiver's Companion: A Caregiver's Guide to Self Care

As a caregiver, you have a job that changes constantly depending on your loved one’s health and needs. You deal with expectations and feel many emotions. Being a caregiver can be a long journey with many challenges.

Taking Care of Yourself In Mind, Body & Spirit

Taking good care of yourself, also called self-care, is essential to your health and sense of being well. It also helps the loved one you are taking care of.

This guidebook is here to support you, whatever your relationship is to the person you care for. You are husbands and wives, parents and children, friends, relatives and acquaintances. And you are not alone on this journey.

As you work with this guide, you may find healing. But you may not find a cure. “Cure” means the signs and symptoms of disease, injury or loss are completely gone, and this is not always possible. However, healing is a process of recovery, repair and renewal. It is personal, and it can continue throughout your life. Healing can help you and your loved ones live the best life possible.

Additional Resources

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