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“Pain has always been a song line in the musical score of human lives. Too often, pain’s sound becomes harsh and dissonant concealing the many other melodies of our lives and too many clinician healers lack the framework and resources to help. Finally, we are being offered instruments and notes showing us ways to harmonize and integrate pain’s song line back into healthy meaning. Engage this course material and learn to compose music of hope.”

“The Tufts Integrative Pain Management course provides a thoughtfully created and foundationally important resource. It delves into the difficult but vital conversations that need to happen surrounding pain care. This course provides a patient-centered approach to having this conversation in a way that creates HOPE while optimizing pain management and quality of life.”

“With chronic pain an epidemic in this country and one that has been only exacerbated by this time of increased stress, this online series couldn’t be more timely or relevant. All healthcare providers will benefit from the program and more importantly, our patients who are suffering and looking for guidance on non-medication options.”

“For decades, Dr. Wayne Jonas and his colleagues have been leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners in scientifically-grounded Integrative Medicine. This new course puts their experience and advice within easy reach of anyone who wants to begin to learn and master these methods in application to Chronic Pain Management. It can open the eyes of clinicians to a much broader portfolio of methods for helping.”

“Thank you for providing a practical step by step course to support the whole person when treating the patient suffering from chronic pain. This course is a must for every clinician and anyone working in health care. The curriculum will have an impact on patient experience, clinician experience, clinical outcomes and the opiate crisis. It offers hope to everyone who is touched by patients who suffers from chronic pain.”

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