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Introducing Whole Person Care into Your Practice is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool for helping clinicians understand how simple it can be to integrate the principles of Whole Health into their daily clinical practice. The course supports the national effort underway at the Veterans Health Administration and elsewhere to make the conversation about what matters most to a person the central focus of their interactions with the healthcare system. Particularly with the recent release of the NASEM report on Primary Care, which fully endorsed this team-based, whole person approach to care, this course can be a timely and important addition to the toolbox of every primary care clinician in the country.”

“Because whole people in all their complexity come to physicians to support their health and well-being, we in primary care are fortunate to have easy access to the free CME Course Whole Person Care. Based on evidence with clear steps for implementation, it’s what we and our patients have always needed to lift our spirits and improve our health.”

“Learn a whole-practice approach to whole-person care. This professionally produced video CME program builds on the foundation of Family Medicine, the experience of community-based practices, and the science of organizational change. Use the tools, see the changes, feel the difference, and enjoy the team momentum.”

“The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently released their Committee report, entitled “Achieving Whole Health: A New Approach for Veterans and the Nation.” The Committee calls for improving outcomes across the nation through a Whole Health model. The power of this is that there is no debate about whether the nation should commit to this transformation, but rather how to do this. As clinicians, in very challenging times, the thought of doing one more thing can be overwhelming. In the course Introducing Whole Person Care into Your Practice, Dr. Jonas and his colleagues give you practical tools and support to begin to integrate this approach immediately. This is a fabulous resource for us all!”

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