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Sleep Disorder

Integrative Approaches for Better Sleep Pocket Guide

Sleep plays a vital role in long-term health and wellness. A few nights without restful sleep or occasionally experiencing sleep disturbance is normal and will not have long-term effects. However, regular sleep disturbance is common and does impact long-term health on many levels. Our pocket guide on sleep dives into how sleep impacts our health and common solutions to solve sleep problems.
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Tools to Fix Election Stress

It seems election cycles become more stressful – or exciting, depending on how much you relish political drama – every four years. If the approaching 2020 election has you on edge, it’s important to remember that the power of the…

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Massage Therapy Pocket Guide

Massage Therapy gives providers and patients the information they need when advising patients to seek out massage therapy. Download the guide to see how massage therapy can be incorporated into integrative patient care.
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Managing Hypertension Beyond Medication

If you treat hypertension with medication, lifestyle changes and complementary approaches, you can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and other hypertension- related complications, including death.
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Depression Pocket Guide

The Depression Pocket Guide gives providers and patients the information they need when treating depression with an integrative approach Download the guide to see how integrative health approaches can be incorporated with treating depression.
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