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Chronic Disease Management Journaling

Chronic Disease Management Journaling Tool

Therapeutic writing is a kind of structured journal writing. It is a self-care tool to encourage deeper and clearer reflection, processing, and discovery that can help you heal, grow, and thrive. This specific tool has prompts to help those with…

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Back Pain

The Pocket Guide to Cancer Pain

Pain is a common cancer side effect. At least 20 to 50 percent of people with cancer report having pain. Cancer pain can be caused by injury to the nerves, cancer spreading to the bones or other structures in the body, and inflammation.
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Mind-Body Medicine for Pain Tool

Mind-body therapies can be great resources for treating pain and are safe for most people in most situations. With this mind-body medicine for pain tool you will be introduced to various mind-body therapies so that you, the patient, can find…

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Women and Pain: Taking Control and Finding Relief

There’s a gender gap when it comes to pain. Women have more frequent, longer lasting, and severe pain than men. For instance, one national survey found that while about 16 percent of white men and 8 percent of black men reported severe pain, those numbers jumped to about 22 percent for white women and 11 percent for black women, respectively.
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Massage Therapy Pocket Guide

Massage Therapy gives providers and patients the information they need when advising patients to seek out massage therapy. Download the guide to see how massage therapy can be incorporated into integrative patient care.
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