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Journaling Through Pain & Trauma: Writing about the Experience of Pain

  • Journaling is a self-care technique that can help you heal, grow and thrive.
  • Journaling helps bring order to your deepest thoughts and fears. It creates order out of chaos.
  • Journaling acts as free therapy. It helps you have a conversation with the person who knows you best: you.
  • You can go back and track your progress. Read what you’ve written and see how much progress you’ve made on your journey.
  • Some find joy in knowing their words help others, so they share their healing. But whether or not you share your work is up to you.

Topics: Back Pain | Caregivers | Chronic Disease | Chronic Pain | Complementary Medicine | Depression | Depression Osteoarthritis | Integrative Health | Journaling | Pain | Pain Management | Palliative Care | Panic Disorder | Post-traumatic stress disorder/PTSD | Self-Care | Stress | Stress Management | Trauma | Women

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