Sleep Disorder

Integrative Approaches for Better Sleep Pocket Guide

Sleep plays a vital role in long-term health and wellness. A few nights without restful sleep or occasionally experiencing sleep disturbance is normal and will not have long-term effects. However, regular sleep disturbance is common and does impact long-term health on many levels. Our pocket guide on sleep dives into how sleep impacts our health and common solutions to solve sleep problems.

Holiday Hope Tool

Hopeful Holiday Tool

Not everyone expects a picture-perfect holiday considering the stress that can come with family, cooking, loss of loved ones, and more. The good news is that you always have the power of hope. This tool will help provide ideas and goals to embrace the holiday spirit.

Young Adult and Teen Cancer

Young Adult and Teen Cancer Pocket Guide

Health-care providers and researchers know that adolescents and young adults, or AYAs, face unique challenges. These are mostly related to dealing with a disease during the life stages where you would normally focus on building your adult life through school or training, work, relationships, and family. It's important to have a strong understanding of the impact cancer can have on these age groups.

Financial Toxicity

Financial Impact of Cancer Pocket Guide

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, financial worries may be the last thing on your mind. This pocket guide is designed to help you assess your situation, spot financial pitfalls, and avoid what many health-care providers call “financial toxicity.”

Sexual Health

Cancer and Sexual Health Pocket Guide

Your sex life doesn’t have to end when you are diagnosed with cancer. What’s likely, though, is that it will change, just as it changes with other life events. Cancer has physical, mental, and emotional effects on your sex life. It’s important to emotionally prepare for the changes that may occur and eventually adjust to the change that you have experienced because of cancer treatment.


The Pocket Guide to Cancer and Spirituality

Our Pocket Guide to Spirituality and Cancer reveals that while you may feel alone in grappling with spiritual questions, most people with cancer do this.