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New Guidelines for Integrative Cancer Pain Treatment from ASCO and the Society for Integrative Oncology

When patients with cancer pain ask you about pain management options, what do you say?  It might depend on where you practice. Most people with cancer are treated in community […]

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Who pays for healing?

Salutogenesis: The creation of health and homeostasis is the underlying process of healing that occurs constantly, every second, every day from the time we’re born until we die. When it […]

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The Ritual of Healing

“I am back,” said Rhonda, with an energy and enthusiasm that couldn’t be faked. And she was back. Back at her volunteer job in the hospital giving out books, games, […]

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Whole Person Care: A Path to Wellbeing

“I am too young to have all this pain and anxiety, doc. I used to be healthy. I was deployed to Afghanistan twice and could keep up with any of […]

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Creating Whole Person Health in Your 50s

Group Doing Cobra Pose

Where do you go from here? Genie’s grandmother lived to be 101. She was 50 when Genie was born. So, while she probably considered herself middle-aged if she thought about […]

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What Men Should Know About their Health

While June may be Men’s Health Month, men’s health is important all year long. Let’s talk about the top health issues men face and ways to prevent and treat problems. […]

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Integrative-Health Approaches for Better Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in long-term health and wellness and is as essential as food and water for survival.[i] A few nights without restful sleep or occasionally experiencing sleep […]

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Feeling SAD? Supporting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit through the Season

For some of us, the crackle of leaves underfoot and the first big storm of winter signal coziness. If you live where the days get shorter and the nights get […]

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Making Sense of Cancer and Finances

Stephanie, 38, reached a financial milestone recently when she made her last debt payment. Not student debt, though. The debt was from her treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma—her cancer care. Diagnosed […]

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Finding Spiritual Support When You Have Cancer

Dr. Jonas Hand on Heart

It seems like the cancer team addressed everything. Cancer stage, treatment options, side effects, what to eat and where to find a support group. Or did they? Cancer is not […]

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