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A Bigger Medical Bag for the Whole Person

Jan comes back to her childhood home year after year. She walks by the water in the canals, by the lakes and the ocean. She comes back to see her […]

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Cancer care for the whole person

Woman Holding iPad

Jenny Leyh is a survivor. At the age of just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also in her third trimester of pregnancy. Treatment left her depleted—not […]

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Creating Whole Person Health in Your 50s

Group Doing Cobra Pose

Where do you go from here? Genie’s grandmother lived to be 101. She was 50 when Genie was born. So, while she probably considered herself middle-aged if she thought about […]

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You’re in Your 30s (or 40s) – Now What?

Taking care of your health as you mature Ahh, your 20s. Back then, you could eat what looked good, stay up all night, and indulge to your heart’s content. You […]

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Archive for July, 2022

What Men Should Know About their Health

While June may be Men’s Health Month, men’s health is important all year long. Let’s talk about the top health issues men face and ways to prevent and treat problems. […]

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Archive for July, 2022

Health in Your 20s

Set yourself up with healthy habits for life Being healthy means creating sensible habits that help you be at your best mentally and physically. This includes taking inventory of your […]

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Feeling SAD? Supporting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit through the Season

For some of us, the crackle of leaves underfoot and the first big storm of winter signal coziness. If you live where the days get shorter and the nights get […]

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Archive for July, 2021

3 Steps for a Healthy Perimenopause

Co-authored by Genevieve Walker, PhD, a medical writer with more than 15 years of medical writing experience and 25 years of healthcare experience. Accepting the challenges, creating wellness Perimenopause. The […]

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Archive for June, 2021

The Time to Implement High-quality Primary Care Is Now

As horrific as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it is bringing to bear what leaders and practitioners in health care already knew: our system has a glaring weakness in primary […]

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Taking Care of Your Body and Your Mind

For millennia, the therapeutic encounter has remained largely the same: a person who had been functioning normally and without giving a thought to their health now notices that something is […]

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