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The Tipping Point for Healing

I’ve often wondered what will be the first signs that our health care system in the U.S. is shifting toward whole person, preventative care. The first hint I got that […]

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Archive for June, 2023

Trauma and Recovery

Without trauma there is no healing, no resilience, no health and no wellbeing. Trauma and recovery are dance partners with very different steps but are nonetheless inseparable. Much of the […]

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Archive for May, 2023

Measurement in Whole Person Health Care

I recently had an interaction that surprised me. I was speaking with a health systems administrator who was interested in understanding the efficacy of the efforts his team was making […]

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Archive for January, 2023

Whole Person Care: A Path to Wellbeing

“I am too young to have all this pain and anxiety, doc. I used to be healthy. I was deployed to Afghanistan twice and could keep up with any of […]

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Archive for October, 2022

Cancer care for the whole person

Woman Holding iPad

Jenny Leyh is a survivor. At the age of just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also in her third trimester of pregnancy. Treatment left her depleted—not […]

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Archive for December, 2021

Chronic Pain Management post-COVID

This fall, we conducted an online survey with the Harris Poll to examine chronic pain management techniques and preferences, as well as to gain insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Archive for November, 2021

Making Sense of Sexuality When You Have Cancer

Sex and cancer. They may seem like totally separate concerns—or your biggest worry that no one talks about. Your doctors and even your partner may be focused on helping you […]

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Archive for September, 2021

How to Take an Integrative Approach to Kidney Disease

In the first part of our two-part series on chronic kidney disease, we explored the prevalence of this condition—that 37 million Americans have it but 90% are unaware[i] —as well […]

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Archive for August, 2021

Legacy of Health Series: Understanding the Needs of Your Parents as They Age

Jenny Leyh is a mother, freelance writer, cancer survivor and integrative health advocate living in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. For most people and for much of our life, our parents […]

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Archive for June, 2021

How Exercising the Mind Can Actually Heal Our Bodies

We are bombarded with messages about exercising our bodies—how it can improve life longevity as well as boost endorphins, making us happier, better rested, more energized and with an enhanced […]

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