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New Guidelines for Integrative Cancer Pain Treatment from ASCO and the Society for Integrative Oncology

When patients with cancer pain ask you about pain management options, what do you say?  It might depend on where you practice. Most people with cancer are treated in community […]

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Listening: The Door to Healing

As we near the end of March, I think about Match Day, when fourth-year medical graduates all over the country find out where they will spend the next several years. […]

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Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit

How being prepared can help you both When was the last time you felt relaxed at a doctor’s appointment? No hurry, just you and your health care provider discussing your […]

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What is Kidney Disease and How Is It Typically Treated?

Although kidney disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, it is estimated that 90%[i] of the 37 million Americans with chronic kidney disease are not aware […]

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Legacy of Health Series: Understanding the Needs of Your Parents as They Age

Jenny Leyh is a mother, freelance writer, cancer survivor and integrative health advocate living in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. For most people and for much of our life, our parents […]

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The Time to Implement High-quality Primary Care Is Now

As horrific as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it is bringing to bear what leaders and practitioners in health care already knew: our system has a glaring weakness in primary […]

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A Move from Burnout Culture to Wellness Culture

Burnout. More and more, I am seeing colleagues, friends, and my patients fraying at the edges. Some are on the edge of burnout and some are already there. More than […]

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Patient Engagement is the ‘Blockbuster Drug of the Century’

It is no secret that medicine needs to be reimagined. For one, only about 15 to 20 percent of health-related outcomes are because of medical interventions. The rest are related […]

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How Patients Can Be Empowered to Play an Active Role in Their Health

Our healthcare system is in flux. As we live longer and embrace changes in lifestyle and environment, we are also being overwhelmed by an increase in chronic disease diagnoses, and […]

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Affordable Health Care is Not Out of Reach

This article concludes the Five P series—protect, promote, permit, partner and payment—which serves as a guideline for patients seeking to find an integrative physician or health team. To this point, […]

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