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Measurement in Whole Person Health Care

I recently had an interaction that surprised me. I was speaking with a health systems administrator who was interested in understanding the efficacy of the efforts his team was making […]

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Archive for April, 2023

A Bigger Medical Bag for the Whole Person

Jan comes back to her childhood home year after year. She walks by the water in the canals, by the lakes and the ocean. She comes back to see her […]

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Archive for March, 2023

Listening: The Door to Healing

As we near the end of March, I think about Match Day, when fourth-year medical graduates all over the country find out where they will spend the next several years. […]

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Archive for February, 2023

The Ritual of Healing

“I am back,” said Rhonda, with an energy and enthusiasm that couldn’t be faked. And she was back. Back at her volunteer job in the hospital giving out books, games, […]

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Archive for January, 2023

Whole Person Care: A Path to Wellbeing

“I am too young to have all this pain and anxiety, doc. I used to be healthy. I was deployed to Afghanistan twice and could keep up with any of […]

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Archive for November, 2022

Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit

How being prepared can help you both When was the last time you felt relaxed at a doctor’s appointment? No hurry, just you and your health care provider discussing your […]

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Archive for November, 2022

Journaling for Whole Person Health

Explore our free resources for every age   How do I know what I think until I see what I say? —E. M. Forster The British novelist E. M. Forster […]

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Archive for October, 2022

Cancer care for the whole person

Woman Holding iPad

Jenny Leyh is a survivor. At the age of just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also in her third trimester of pregnancy. Treatment left her depleted—not […]

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Archive for September, 2022

Creating Whole Person Health in Your 50s

Group Doing Cobra Pose

Where do you go from here? Genie’s grandmother lived to be 101. She was 50 when Genie was born. So, while she probably considered herself middle-aged if she thought about […]

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Archive for June, 2022

Get Well and Stay Well Recap: Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Wow, doesn’t time fly? We’re already in June…and even though we’re only halfway through, what a year it has been already. Quick check-in: Have you been taking care of your […]

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