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Resource Roundup – Your Healing Journey

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Your Healing Journey- Create an Optimal Healing Environment in Your Life

“Optimal Healing Environments: Your Healing Journey” explores small changes individuals can make in daily life, to increase the body’s ability to heal. It was created by Samueli Institute in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative. It is a personal resource for understanding the role of Optimal Healing Environments in an individual’s quest for health and well-being in their home and professional lives.

From 2001 until 2016, Dr. Wayne Jonas led Samueli Institute as it worked to uncover how healing occurs among individuals, communities and health care systems. As a result, Dr. Jonas developed the Optimal Healing Environments framework to show how the social, psychological, spiritual, physical and behavioral components of an organization can affect the inherent healing capacities of those within it. The framework was developed for, and has been successful in, hospital and health care systems.

In 2013, the framework was made available to the public for patient and individual use and is available to download. With it, you’ll learn how to optimize your healing power.

I’m ready to start my healing journey.


Read the science behind the resource:

  1. WB Jonas. Salutogenesis: The Defining Concept for a New Healthcare System
  2. Jonas WB, Rakel DA, Developing optimal healing environments in family medicine. In: Textbook of Family Medicine: Seventh Edition. Rakel R.E. Philadelphia PA. Saunders 2007; 15-24.
  3. More Optimal Healing Environment studies are available through Samueli Foundation’s research portal
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