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Cancer care for the whole person

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Jenny Leyh is a survivor.

At the age of just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also in her third trimester of pregnancy.

Treatment left her depleted—not just physically but in all the ways that matter. If you have cancer, or know someone who does, you know it takes an emotional toll. You can read more of Jenny’s story and how she coped with all aspects of cancer in this blog series.

To help empower you as a patient and make you feel whole again, we’ve developed a new email series that gives you a preview of what we will cover in our free e-book.


Weekly email series with free resources

The 12-week email series will help you create whole person health during cancer and treatment. We provide links to free resources to help heal my mind, body, and spirit. Throughout the email series, you will hear from Jenny and from me in my role as an expert in integrative health care.

Our goal is to help you feel empowered and take back some of the control that cancer can take away. We’ll walk you through topics like:

  • Nutrition and exercise.
  • Pain management, including cannabis use.
  • Sex and relationships.
  • Finances.
  • Cancer as a teen or young adult.

What is whole person cancer care?

Whole person, or integrative, cancer care goes beyond the typical treatment plan you get from your oncologist. It combines conventional medicine, lifestyle and behavior, and self-care for healing your mind, body, and spirit. Watch a video overview of whole person cancer care.

Care as unique as you are

An integrative approach to cancer care is different for each of us. For you, it could mean any number of things, such as nutritional counseling, the use of supplements, chiropractic care, meditation—there are endless possibilities to choose from that will support your health and help you heal during and beyond cancer treatment.

Learn more about our whole person approach to cancer care.

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