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How Patients Can Be Empowered to Play an Active Role in Their Health

Our healthcare system is in flux. As we live longer and embrace changes in lifestyle and environment, we are also being overwhelmed by an increase in chronic disease diagnoses, and the expensive treatments that come with them. To keep up with these changes the fundamental approach of our healthcare system is beginning to move toward a preventative model, away from one focused solely on disease treatment. In this model, the central role of the primary care provider becomes magnified. The new “integrative” physician is a crucial component in helping you to navigate your health and to provide you with the resources you need to live healthier, longer.

In your search for an integrative physician, there are five core tenets for you to consider: protect, promote, permit, partner and payment.

Not all providers will embody all of these aspects equally. Finding one who does may be difficult depending on your location, insurance plan, or other factors. But the important thing is that you—the patient—feel empowered to play an active role in your health, whether that means integrating different modalities to treat ailments that you encounter, or making different lifestyle choices as a preventative means of maintaining your current health.

This five-part series will provide you with the tools you need to partner with your doctor and create an integrative health model that meets the needs of you and your family. 

Part I: Protect

Your Doctor’s Role Goes Beyond Protecting You From Illnesses

Part II: Promote

Why Your Doctor Should Start Utilizing Alternative Practices

Part III: Permit

Exploring A New Approach to Healing

Part IV: Partner

How To Be An Effective Partner in Your Own Healthcare Plan

Part V: Payment

Affordable Health Care is Not Out of Reach

Part VI: Power

Are You an Empowered Patient?

Meet Jenny Leyh

Jenny Leyh is a mother, freelance writer, cancer survivor and integrative health advocate living in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

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