Whole Person Care: A Path to Wellbeing

“I am too young to have all this pain and anxiety, doc. I used to be healthy. I was deployed to Afghanistan twice and could keep up with any of […]

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Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit

How being prepared can help you both When was the last time you felt relaxed at a doctor’s appointment? No hurry, just you and your health care provider discussing your […]

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Most Cancer Patients Want Access to Complementary Therapies Before Treatment

Cancer Patient Advocacy

Survey finds 40% of cancer patients would choose hospitals offering services such as exercise, nutrition counseling, massage, and meditation

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Journaling for Whole Person Health

Explore our free resources for every age   How do I know what I think until I see what I say? —E. M. Forster The British novelist E. M. Forster […]

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Cancer care for the whole person

Woman Holding iPad

Jenny Leyh is a survivor. At the age of just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also in her third trimester of pregnancy. Treatment left her depleted—not […]

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Creating Whole Person Health in Your 50s

Group Doing Cobra Pose

Where do you go from here? Genie’s grandmother lived to be 101. She was 50 when Genie was born. So, while she probably considered herself middle-aged if she thought about […]

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Minding Your Microbiome

You only think you’re alone. In fact, your body – inside and out – is teeming with life. Each of us has approximately 1 trillion microorganisms in our bodies and […]

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The Balancing Act of Your 30s

Woman Having Coffee Together

You’re over 30—now what? First: don’t freak out. Being over 30 can be great! You made it through the busy and challenging decade of your 20s, and you may have […]

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You’re in Your 30s (or 40s) – Now What?

Taking care of your health as you mature Ahh, your 20s. Back then, you could eat what looked good, stay up all night, and indulge to your heart’s content. You […]

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What Men Should Know About their Health

While June may be Men’s Health Month, men’s health is important all year long. Let’s talk about the top health issues men face and ways to prevent and treat problems. […]

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